Add a Steam Shower to your Bathroom: Read Our Guide

Steam showers are gradually becoming a favorite of health buffs and those who are constantly stressed because of work-related activities. The term steam shower is not only used as a verb but is also used to refer to the actual room or enclosure where it is done.

A steam shower consists of a steam generator and an enclosure where the produced steam will go. This is a soothing activity that comes with a lot of health benefits such as improved breathing, enhanced blood circulation, and boosting of the immune system.


If you are looking for a way to relax and rejuvenate while in the comfort of your own home, then it might be time for you to consider buying a steam shower. This article will give you general tips on buying a steam shower.

How a Steam Shower Works

Before moving on to the tips, you should first know how the whole system works, though it is basically quite simple. A steam generator is discreetly installed close to the actual steam shower room, about a few feet away. It is connected to house electrical lines to power it, and water valves to fill it with water and produce the steam when turned on. The controls for steam generation are inside the room itself.

A water pipe brings hot vapor from the steam generator to the steam dispenser inside the shower. The room is then filled with mist that showers your body, giving you a nice, hot, and clean feeling. It helps in relaxing your muscles and alleviates sore joints.

Tips on Buying a Steam Shower

If you are a first-time buyer, here are some fundamental tips on buying a steam shower:2

  1. Research if a steam shower is right for you

According to livestrong.com, caution should be taken by people with heart disease, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory problems, circulatory problems, epilepsy, seizures or if you are pregnant. You should consult a doctor before taking steam showers.

  1. Choose between pre-fabricated and customized

There are two types of steam showers: prefabricated and customized. Prefabricated ones offer the convenience of having to install a system that is already prepared to be set up. The downside is that it is more costly and it may look awkward inside your home.

A customized steam shower will blend naturally because you will be able to use the same materials in your own bathroom. Or you can simply buy a separate steam generator, use your old shower room and convert it into a steam shower, which actually costs much less. It can be a lot of work, though, and it will take longer before you can enjoy your shower room.

  1. Find the right steam generator

The steam generator is the core of a steam shower. It should be quiet, safe, and efficient. It should have the right size and horsepower to effectively fill your shower room. Look for one that automatically stops or decrease steam production when it reaches a pre-programmed temperature. Also, find one that comes with a remote control so you can operate the system without having to get up and move from your spot.